ANanny is a child carer who cares for your children in your home. They normally have some form of qualification or relevant experience, which equips them to provide a safe, positive and stimulating learning environment in which children can develop. Nannies can either live in your home with your family or come in daily. They can be part time, full time or on a nanny share basis with another family.

Tinies’ consultants are always there to helpand can help you find the best option in childcare for your family.With over 20 years experience in childcare and being parents ourselves, we believe we are fantastically equipped to assist you in finding a solution that works for you.

Why hire a nanny?

  • There is no possibility of your children being disturbed by a change of environment 
  • A proper one to one relationship can be built between the nanny and your children 
  • Working arrangements can be completely flexible to suit the needs of the busy parent 
  • Brothers and sisters can stay together 
  • You have far more control over your child’s activities – if you want the nanny to take your children swimming followed by a piano lesson then you can say so

Is a nanny right for my family?

The answer of course, depends on a whole range of factors – what exactly are your childcare needs? Can you afford a nanny? What are the other alternatives in your area? Can you be sure of finding the right nanny? Is the flexibility that a nanny offers a key requirement?

There is no magic formula and no one solution is works for every family. The best advice we can give is to speak to as many people as possible with experience – friends, nannies, your mother and your partner.

Our Rates

Permanent Nanny
Tinies standard rate starting at
  •  1 Year minimum
  •  Personal Tinies Consultant
  •  Payroll help
  •  Help with contracts

Each candidate that is put forward is hand picked with your requirements and children’s needs in mind. CV’s and brief summaries of candidates are provided to you for your consideration and interviews set up for you. Contact templates and nanny induction guides are supplied once you have chosen your nanny.

Longer term Nanny
Tinies standard rate
  •  1 to 6 months
  •  Rates between $18-$30/hr
  •  Contract templates provided
  •  Help with contracts

When you require a nanny for a period longer than one week, we assist you through the process of choosing the right nanny for your family. CV’s and references of experienced nannies are available to view and should you choose to meet nannies for comparison, we will set up interviews for you.

Tinies Proxy Parent
Tinies standard rates start at
  •  Sole charge, 24-hour supervision
  •  Long term bookings
  •  Overnight care
  •  Trained maternity nurses

Emergency or casual childcare needed? Simply let us know the days and hours your children require care. We will hand pick a nanny who meets your children’s needs and confirm the nanny for you.
*Children under the age of 6 months or extra children outside of the family are an additional $2 per hour

Emergency Nanny
Tinies standard rate
  •  From 3 hours to one week
  •  Hourly rate from $20 per hour*
  •  Booking fee $18+GST or $25+GST after hours

Experienced nannies providing sole charge, 24 hour care of your children in your absence. Nannies will ensure the house is running smoothly as well as the children are being cared for. CV’s and brief summaries of candidates are provided to you for your consideration and interviews set up for you.

Seedlings Home Education

You get access to our free home based education program – Seedlings Education.  This service offers loads of free outings activities, coffee groups for the children and nannies with the addition of small subsidies back to the parents to assist with the cost of childcare.  Contact us today for a quote on the subsidies you could be receiving for each child.