Corporate Childcare

Tinies offers access to experienced nannies and maternity nannies at short notice for our corporate clients to assist with your employee’s childcare needs. If childcare is needed to allow staff to attend conferences, training, out of town meetings or as a way to add value to an employee’s contract, then Tinies Childcare can assist in finding the right solution for your staff.

Tinies Childcare allows Parents to meet their work obligations with the knowledge that their children are being cared for in by a professional, experienced, caring and supportive nanny.

Seedlings Home Education

You get access to our free home based education program – Seedlings Education.  This service offers loads of free outings activities, coffee groups for the children and nannies with the addition of small subsidies back to the parents to assist with the cost of childcare.  Contact us today for a quote on the subsidies you could be receiving for each child.