Frequently Asked Questions

Tinies Childcare is much more than an introductory agency and we recognise that finding the right childcare solution can potentially be a long and difficult process. We are happy to provide information on how to get the best childcare solution for your family.

Is a nanny really the right solution for me?
What are the pros and cons of hiring a nanny?
Do I want a live-in nanny or a daily nanny?
Does the person who looks after my children have to be qualified?
Do I need to draw up a contract between my nanny and myself?
Are we able to have a trial period?
Do I need to make any checks myself?
Is there a minimum number of hours per day a nanny will work?
What back up is there if our nanny is sick or away?
Does Tinies send an invoice for Agency Fees?
Does Tinies apply the same checks to temporary nannies and babysitters?
Can you assist me in finding an after school nanny?